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Payroll Services
B & P Benefits Solutions established a partnership with PayTime to offer our clients access to high quality payroll services. PayTime, a leader in the payroll and timekeeping industry since 1993, has over 600 clients in 34 states. Our partnership has been successful because we are located in the same office complex, and are able to work together to create client solutions.

A highly trained payroll specialist is available to answer client questions regarding any of the following services:
  • Payroll Processing & Direct Deposit
  • Automated Timekeeping
  • Web Based Payroll
  • Quickbooks Interface
  • Human Resource Support
For more information about PayTime and their products, visit

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Cobra Administration
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act mandates that any employers with 20 or more full or part-time employees in the prior year offer employees and their families the opportunity for a temporary extension of health coverage (called continuation coverage). Our staff will serve as a dependable resource for COBRA Administration and will make COBRA compliance easy for our clients. Outsourcing the complex responsibilities of COBRA Administration will increase your Human Resources department's productivity.

COBRA Administration Procedures
  • Monitor enrollment and premium payments
  • Inform COBRA participants of premium rate changes
  • Provide coupons for monthly premium remittance
  • Update participant information
  • Provide a Certificate of Credible Coverage
  • Track qualifying events and issue COBRA letters to eligible employees
  • Provide monthly eligibility and participation reports
  • Maintain COBRA activity documentation
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125 Flex Benefit Plans
Section 125 (Cafeteria Plans) of the IRS Code established by the Revenue Act of 1978 remains one of the easiest methods of avoiding taxation for qualified medical and dependent care expenses. Our Section 125 Administration will help reduce employee taxes and employer tax liability, while providing quality benefits to your employees. Contributions made by an employee, through salary reduction, are not subject to Federal income tax or Social Security taxation.
  • The PREMIUM CONVERSION ACCOUNT allows employees to pay their share of premiums for health insurance or certain other insurance products with pre-tax dollars.
  • The MEDICAL EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT ACCOUNT allows employees to pay for medical expenses (not covered by insurance) with pre-tax dollars. Some examples of medical expenses are deductibles, co-insurance, vision and dental care.
  • The DEPENDENT CARE EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT ACCOUNT allows employees to pay for most child / dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Generally an employee will experience more tax savings with this plan as compared to those deductions allowed on an individual's tax return.
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Human Resources Services
HR compliance reviews help our clients manage liability risks, which arise from a lack of understanding or training. They provide each client the opportunity to assess their current practices in a given discipline, and implement the needed adjustments for compliance. Many of these topics directly effect benefits, particularly as employees are added and removed from the various plans. Reviews are designed to bring policy, practice, contracts, and regulations into agreement. The major review categories are listed below and may be combined as specific client needs dictate.
  • Hiring Practices - Employer liability starts with the first ad and the first application for employment. This review looks at the policies, flow, documentation and effectiveness of the current practices related to attracting new employees.
  • Sexual Harassment - Workplace Harassment has become one of the most widely publicized issues in the workplace today. Liability can result from supervisors that are poorly trained. B & P Benefits Solutions provides supervisor training for this topic.
  • Termination Practices - Knowing how to accomplish this activity is key to reducing unemployment rates. This review includes a review of documents and assesses the need for Supervisor Training.
  • FLSA - The Fair Labor Standards Act is a core compliance issue which includes record keeping, overtime calculation, and exempt status of employees. A review of your records will assure understanding and compliance.
  • Employee Handbook - Often employers avoid putting anything in writing, if a handbook exists, this review will facilitate a full update for full compliance.
  • HIPAA - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulates many privacy issues but Enrollment Rights are an even bigger issue potentially than privacy. This review focuses on the HIPAA forms needed for group health plans.
  • Record Retention - Most of the regulations have specific guidelines on retention. Some are even guided by the industry. This review will cover the retention issues for each specific employer.
  • EEOC - Discrimination comes in many subtle ways and can creep into an HR system without a claim. Be ready by following the results of an EEOC review.
  • INS - I9 Compliance - This 'simple' form is the subject of a more than 30 page 'Handbook for Employers' produced by the U. S Department of Justice. Most employers are missing some of the steps for full compliance with I-9's.
  • FMLA - The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) outlines 12 weeks of leave for some employees of some employers. This review will focus on complete compliance in policies and practice related to FMLA.
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